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5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design (And Why You Should Make the Switch!)


In earlier days, websites are most created and viewed using laptops or computers. However, with the emergence of smartphones and tablets, the standard view for the desktop might not seem to fit anymore. Which is why a lot of companies are making a switch to responsive web design.


Approximately there is 2.5 billion smartphones users worldwide which accounts for a huge percentage of web traffic. Responsive web design provides a significant solution in bridging the gap in browsing experience.


How does it Work?

Responsive web design works like magic! It changes and fits your web layout according to the device that your audience is using, whether it might be a tablet, a smartphone or a MacBook. Using this software helps you to ensure that none of your photos or images are left cut or distorted.


This changes the way people use their phones and upgrades their browsing experiences. Since responsive web design is quite new in the spectrum of web development, let’s dig in a few more reasons why you have to upgrade not just your website- but as well as your audience’s browsing experience.


  1. Responsive Web Design Saves Time and Effort

Thanks to the concept of fluid grids, pixels onscreen are not only limited to one size but expand based on a device’s screen size. So rather than creating multiple style sheets, webmasters can simply focus on creating just one responsive web design. Which means that you do not have to stay up all day trying to find and fix codes or errors in the system.

This saves you a lot of time that can be used in other more valuable parts of the business.


  1. Backend has Never Been Easier

One of the costly parts of owning a website is making sure that your domain is safe and secured. Using responsive web design, backend developers only have to create one version of the site for its updates. Making things a whole lot simpler (and less stressful!)


  1. Provides Better Browsing Experience

Let’s admit it, a lot of companies are banking on the value of aesthetics. Yet all those countless days of shoots, layout, planning, and discussions might all go to waste if the customer does not have a seamless browsing experience.

Since pictures are the only way for people to learn and see your products, having distorted or cut pictures are a big no-no! By having a more compact and user-friendly web experience can surely drive traffic to your site.

Moreover, each site has its own different solutions, which is why responsive web design is great because it provides more room for customization, making sure that each brand can stand out on its own. Plus it also stores media queries which means that your site will be able to store information that will serve as your database in making informed marketing decisions.

Although responsive web design is quite new, it is important for web owners to keep up and invest in this new technology- because in this day and age, your audience’s browsing experience matters.


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