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Three Reasons why Audio Mixing and Mastering Can Make or Break Your Project


With countless media materials that are being produced today, from documentary to sci-fi and even regular vlog videos, all have an element of music. You see, telling and conveying stories is not just about what people could see, but also about what they can hear.


That is why audio plays a major role in all types of videos. From the words that are being spoken to even the minute stuff like adding background music, all fall together to create an ambiance.


A few decades ago, the art of audio mixing and mastering was a major struggle. For example, in the blockbuster hit Bohemian Rapsody, each instrument, as well as the intricate vocal patterns, are recorded individually and stitched together manually to create an iconic masterpiece. Cutting out a specific part of a record was equally tough. You have to over the tape and mark the specific part that you want to be removed and put it back with a tape.


Now, with today’s technology, cutting and mastering audio is way-way easier. Cutting out something simply means dragging the mouse. Plus once you cut it, you can always add or redo it anytime.


It gave way to a whole new type of music where combining different sounds is not that difficult as recording it in a studio. DJ’s could simply make use of canned beats and mixed it with great vocals, and there you have your music.


As easy as it may sound, there are still countless techniques that you have to master. A great shortcut to having great music? Choosing the right audio mastering and mixing services.


So why do audio mixing and mastering really matter? Here are the top three reasons why you have to invest in good music services.


  1. Bad Audio is honestly distracting

Let’s admit it, people get nominated for amazing cinema scoring, so why does your project be any different? That’s because nad audio mastering can be really distracting. For example, there are times when the beat is not in tune with what was happening onscreen, or if the bass for the happy vlog videos are way too loud, that it’s competing with the person who is talking.


It gives your viewers unnecessary attention when their eyes and ears should be off listening somewhere.


  1. Good Audio Mastering Helps Create an Ambience

Whether it might be vlogs or promotional ads, everything all falls into creating certain mood, or emotions, and there is no powerful tool that can help you create that more than a really great mastered audio. It helps viewers figure out what you wanted to convey without creating a really boring monologue.


  1. Good Mastering is Not Just About Mixing Music, Its All About Balance

While today’s software makes everything easier for people to create music, there are still a lot of small details that a great mastering service could provide, like making sure that there is tonal balance in when the instruments are playing together, or making sure that the audio material is transferred to a certain format without any errors. This takes a lot of experience and most importantly a skill in making sure that all the audio elements blend in together.


In today’s world where you can DIY everything with a lot of software programs to choose from, trusting your project to someone who understands and knows music is all worth it. After all, it might save you a few pennies, but cutting down cost can greatly affect your project and output.


Want to find great edits for your project? At Normanton Agency, we offer premium mastering services at Normanton West Yorkshire.

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