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3 Secrets to Effective Article Writing for SEO


Nowadays, brands are not only focused on hard selling their products and services but as well as creating fresh, effective and engaging content for their readers. In this fast-paced world, to survive means to stay relevant and which is why it more important now than ever for emerging businesses to invest in article writing.


In fact, more and more companies are looking into article writing by tapping into the potential of Google AdWords. It works by utilizing Search Engine Optimization or SEO content.  Using a particular algorithm, Google had devised a way to filter and choose which articles are relevant. This means that yes, article writing, it’s always a battle to stay on top.


Yet, repeating and throwing in useless words would not guarantee that your article will stay on top. At Normanton Agency, we have pieced together the top tips on how to generate traffic on your website.


  1. Finding the Perfect Combination

Since SEO content is fueled by algorithms, finding the perfect keywords is important to get on the top of the game. Keywords refer to the right combination of words that would put your content on top of the search results.


Now finding the right keywords seems to be daunting but worry not! Nowadays there are plenty of websites that can help you find the perfect keyword. There are ones that are free and some that have a monthly package. You may also observe similar content by typing in the words on your google search bar and see how many times these phrases have been repeated in all articles that are listed.


For example, using a keyword Article Writing can give you a chance to rank on top 20 on search results.


  1. Having the Angles

Now, here comes the technical part of article writing. Since google uses an algorithm, the software works by tallying the number of times that your keywords have been repeated all over the article. However, you do not want to keep on repeating your keywords over and over again, just for the sake of staying on top.


It’s like doing your groceries, you do not go around dumping bulks of useless things in your cart because it’s on sale- and that is the same as true with article writing. It is about placing the right things at the right time and when it is needed.


The most important repetition has to be in your H1 tag (which refers to the title of the post) and H2 tags (subheading). Some might extend to H4, H5, H6 tags but these two are ranked as the most SEO value.


The length of the article may also be a factor in your SEO ranking. While Google ensures that there is more transparency in search results, those that have lengthier articles tend to stay on top. The trend nowadays is to develop in-depth content or those articles that are 2,000 words or more. So yes, the more words the merrier.


  1. Write Articles that Are Useful for Your Readers

As stated earlier, article writing is all about creating relevant content. Remember even when you ranked on top of this search engine game, when your audience goes on to click on your website and sees nothing on it, it might still affect your ranking.


In the end, what makes a viral content is about writing articles that people care or people would like to know about- because you are not just writing for the sake of algorithms but to inform people.



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